April 14, 2021

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TRILASTIN SR® Stretch Mark Cream

Unlike other competitor products that don’t work at the source, Trilastin Stretch Removal Cream is designed to clinically attack the source of the stretch mark right after it has formed, not months or weeks later. Trilastin was designed to be used by women who have recently given birth and have gained some unsightly stretch marks on their stomachs. It can also be used by other people in general who have gained stretch marks by other means. It shouldn’t be used if your stretch marks are over 1 year old.

It removes the outer layer of skin and exfoliates the remaining skin to remove those stretch marks that nobody wants to see. After the outer layer of skin is gone, your body naturally produces a new layer of skin to replace the old one. Unlike other products, Trilastin attacks the stretch marks at the root, eliminating them in the process. The entire process is pain free and takes a few weeks to complete.


How Does it Work?

Trilastin uses the finest and most efficient natural ingredients available to bring you a result that you will love. Many of the ingredients are derived from compounds and natural fruits and vegetables, below is a partial list of the ingredients you can expect to find in Trilastin.

  • Glycolic Acid – This acid helps to exfoliate and gently renew the skin, also removes the scar tissue.

  • Octyl Palmitate – Naturally found compound which speeds up the cellular regeneration

  • Sunflower Oil – Another natural ingredient which is known for its ability to seemingly make scars disappear. Also speeds up the healing process after the scars are gone.

  • Vegetable Glycerin – Natural product that is used to make soaps and other cleaning materials – helps speed up the healing process

  • Witch Hazel – Known for its cleaning and healing properties, used too speed up the healing process and keep the area clean and free of infection.

User Feedback

As per trilastin customer reviews this product had extraordinary results . Almost everybody who tries it would recommend it to a friend if they had the chance. The product is known worldwide for its effects that it has on stretch marks and other unsightly skin abnormalities.

No Side Effects

Unlike other dangerous skin clearing products, Trilastin causes no side effects when taken as directed. Trilastin is safer than almost all other products on the market, yet it is more effective when taken properly. The product doesn’t rely on bleaching your skin to clear out stretch marks like some other products do, instead it attacks the source of the stretch marks and regenerates new skin to replace the old stuff.

Trilastin restores your skin to it’s natural color and texture after the stretch mark has been removed. Your skin will look just like it did before you started to form stretch marks. That is the beauty of Trilastin stretch removal cream.