April 15, 2021

Different Types of Hair Food for Natural Hair

Understanding the way hair comes out to be the black, grey or blonde volumes on the surface of the skin that we see with our naked eyes is essential to help you develop good hair care habits. Hair refers to the whole part which is made up of the hair follicle that stays under the skin and the hair itself that comes above the surface. The hair follicle is made up of several parts of which the papilla is the living part which contains living cells. The hair follicle is where blood circulation occurs so that the hair can grow as we see through the continuous growth. The upper pigmented part is made up of dead cells. Now that we have a basic understanding of the hair and know it grows, then we also need to learn the various sources of food hair that help our natural hair grow healthy.

  1. The Fructis Banana Hair Food

New products keep entering our markets to supply our hair with the necessary nutrients that help in its growth and in maintaining the favorable conditions that allow it to survive ailments. Hair loss is something widespread amongst us, and at one time in life, we have fallen victim. Such situations may be embarrassing because your scalp gets exposed hence forcing you to cover it up. The Fructis banana hair food is made up of 98 percent natural ingredients of which the banana forms the most considerable portion. The product is safe since there are no artificial ingredients such as silicone or colorants. This product allows for three-way masking and provides nutrients directly to your hair papilla.

  1. The Naturally Curly Hair Milk

Lovers of naturally curly hair can use the Naturally Curly Hair Milk as their hair care products. Unlike the first one, the name does not originate from the product used to make it but rather arises from the equivalent functionalities. The Hair Milk comes in various forms depending on the intended purpose, and the critical types include Hair Milk the Original Curl Designer and Hair Milk Lite the Curl Booster. None of the two products contain coloring agents, parabens or mineral oil and can serve as both hair food and shampoo. This double-service provision makes the product rank top in its class. The strength of your hair comes from the Vitamin 5 and Biotin which form part of ingredients for the product.

  1. The Strawberry and Ginger Hair food

Both ingredients of these hair foods are natural and form the most substantial portion of the product. Ginger contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that help prevent our scalps from infections such as dandruff and dryness which may cause itching. This property extends to the Strawberry and Ginger Hair food and before nourishing the hair follicles. Strawberry, on the other hand, serve as moisturizes keeping your scalp moist all through and hence preventing itchiness caused by dryness. They also contain vitamin C which is vital in the nourishment of the hair. The good strawberry scent makes the hair food used as a deodorant as well as hair care product.