April 14, 2021

Are you a good liar?

In the fantasy world there is a horrible tree, which has a big bloody mouth, can swallow people in. What method do you think this tree uses to get people close to it?

  1. Drawing people with a beautiful song.
  2. Imitate your lover’s voice to get you close.
  3. It has a lovely aroma.
  4. Take advantage of small animals.
  5. Do nothing, just waiting for people get close by themselves.

Test results:

  1. Like to make a mountain out of a molehill, when others do not know the situation can be very dominant, but after being known there is no advantage.
  2. You’re a good liar. Because you lie so professionally, you often get it.
  3. You’re a bad liar. If you lie, you’ll be seen through. So it feels like you’re authentic and accessible.
  4. You like to make excuses when you are lying, and you can blame others for your problems. It can get very bad if you confront each other.
  5. You don’t like lie. You can say nothing, if say something should be the truth. You hate liar. Sometime you may make other people feel hurt.