April 15, 2021

Quit Smoking, Endorse Vaping

Smoking an e-cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette is today known as vaping. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices which when inhaled by the users heat up the contained liquid to release the aerosol or vapor. The constituent liquid of the e-cigarette is made of flavoring substances, propylene, glycol and maybe small amounts of nicotine.

It is popularly believed that e-cigarettes can help people in quitting smoking completely. Yet the debate of whether vaping is better than smoking still goes on and on. If you are also confused about the latest hype of vaping, then read on to find out more about it and decide for yourself.

Research teams are in support of e-cigarettes

You must be well familiar with the role of cigarette in causing cancer. That is why awareness against smoking is such a major issue in the world at present. If you have ever been a smoker you would know how daunting is to break free from the addiction and thus turning to e-cigarettes is a healthier option. If you wonder why then you should know that e-cigarette offers you the same nicotine hit of the traditional cigarette without giving out the harmful effects of nicotine and tar.

Role of e-cigarettes in preventing cancer

When you smoke cigarettes your body is exposed to not only tobacco and tar but also harmful toxins and chemicals. And continued exposure to these chemicals leads to the growth of certain strands of cancer. Thus if you completely switch to vaping rather than smoking in smaller amounts, you will be relatively preventive against cancer.

Also, manufacturers are scientists claim that in the case of vaping the user inhales much lesser smoke compared on traditional cigarettes. The base of the e-cigarette called the e-liquid contains substances which are normally present in cosmetics and packaged foods.

Since e-cigarettes are a relatively new product, users should always abide by the usage in order to be safe. Also when considering vaping, always buy from a genuine Vape Shop LA.

Why should you opt to vape and quit smoking?

Vaping isn’t only recommended for traditional smokers but for everyone else who wants to give healthier smoking a try:

  • Beneficial properties– vaping relaxes the mind and body, just like yoga and meditation. If your work leaves you utterly stressed, vaping might clear out the tension and stress.
  • No foul smells- if you are a smoker you would know how the nasty smell lingers on your fingers, clothing, and hair for hours after smoking. With vaping, you would experience no such thing as it is completely odorless.
  • Controls your intake of nicotine- with every cigarette that you puff off, you are inhaling a considerable amount of nicotine. The major benefit of vaping is that you can control whether you want to smoke the vapes without nicotine or with negligible amounts if it.

Besides, vapes come with a plethora of fun flavors and you have the option of experimenting with it rather than staying content with a handful of flavors of traditional cigarettes.