April 14, 2021

Why Don’t We Lose Weight When We Are on A Low-Carb Diet?

People usually decide to follow low-carb diets such as Atkins, Keto, Paleo, and LCHF to lose weight. Science, fitness gurus, as well as celebs, swear by all these diets. However, it will not come as a big surprise to us if you do not lose any weight even after months of following this diet. This problem is common among dieters as they religiously follow a low-carb diet but end up losing no weight at all. And more often than not, they do not understand why they are not losing weight despite following the diet properly. In such a scenario, consider Keto Slim https://www.rectorycafe.com/obesity/keto-slim-diet/ as a weight loss supplement!

Now, let’s check out the main reasons why you do not lose weight when on a low-carb diet!

You have an unrealistic goal.

You might want to lose weight super quickly, but it is essential to understand that more often than not, it does not work that way. If you wish to lose weight, you need to be realistic about the whole process. If you lose weight gradually, that will be much more healthy, effective, and sustainable in the long run as opposed to losing weight rapidly. Therefore, do not set an unrealistic goal for yourself. Rather, make smaller goals that can be achieved more easily and you will not end up letting yourself down.

You do not realize the fact that you are losing weight.

It is important sometimes to assess the body fat percentage to understand if you are losing weight. A weighing scale might not be the correct measure at times. If you exercise regularly, it is possible that you might build muscle mass. This muscle mass can reflect as “weight” if you weigh yourself using a scale. Also, if you have an unhealthy body image in mind, you might feel that you are not losing any weight at all when in fact, you are all toned up.

You eat too many nuts.

Eating too many nuts on a daily basis can also make you feel too full and prevent you from losing weight. Nuts are high in calories and are packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. They are a healthy, tasty and crunchy snack but might have the opposite effect if you go overboard with them. Therefore, take it easy on the nuts and track the amount you eat daily.

You are not reducing the number of carbs in your diet sufficiently.

You might think that you have sufficiently reduced the number of carbs in your diet, but it is possible that you are not reducing it enough. Veggies, as well as fruits, also consist of a good amount of carbohydrates and if you overdo their consumption, it can prevent the process of weight loss significantly. Make sure you eat plenty of healthy fats and keep track of the number of carbs you consume on a daily basis.


Weight loss is a gradual process and cannot happen overnight. Therefore, you need to take practical steps to ensure you lose weight the healthy way.